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Community for Diversity in Natural Resources
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The Community for Diversity: Services


The Community for Diversity offers a wide variety of services to help the CNR community best meet the challenges and opportunities of diversity. From creating a more inclusive and welcoming classroom environment to recruiting more diverse students, faculty and staff, the Community for Diversity is here to help you.


In the Community for Diversity, it is highly important the message of diversity be delivered in a way that is welcoming and at times challenging. With the staff of the Community being doctoral candidates and instructors in their college their is a wealth of experience ineducating students, faculty, and staff at NCSU and other institutions.

Counseling and Resources

At the Community for Diversity, our doors are always open to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or suggestions. We also provide many resources on our website that may aid you in finding the answers you seek. With links to articles, organizations, and networks related to diversity, this is a great place to find additional information and make connections.


The Community for Diversity has certified trainers to facilitate a variety of diversity training sessions. We are also able to connect you with resources across campus and in the community that offer an even greater array of choices. Training sessions are available for your classroom, your department or working group, or on an individual basis. Topics include general diversity training, protected class training, LGBT ally training, workplace harassment training, and many others. For more details, please contact Click here for Opening Doors Training.


The Community for Diversity can provide facilitators for controversial issue resolution processes, disputes surrounding workplace diversity issues, and other topics. We are also able to connect you with outside facilitators or the Office of Equal Opportunity when appropriate.

Classroom Activities

Our office can work with you to provide diversity related presentations, activities, or assignments for your classroom. It is important that CNR students understand the value of diversity and posses the skills to meet the challenges and opportunities that diversity issues present. This is an integral part of their education that will help them to be truly competitive in this global marketplace.

Curriculum Consultations

Although specific diversity lesson plans and activities can be an important part of classroom learning, creating an inclusive curriculum all throughout the semester is just as key. We can help you find places in your existing lesson plan to incorporate diversity through inclusive language, examples, activities and other focal points.