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Distributing knowledge

Extension & Outreach

Distributing the knowledge of the universityThe College of Natural Resources (CNR) Extension and Outreach units support NC State University ’s land grant mandate by maintaining a diverse extension and outreach program. We believe in sharing our knowledge with the people of North Carolina and in supporting the economic prosperity of NC communities, particularly since forestry and natural resources tourism rank among the top of NC's largest industries.

Publications / Educational Opportunities / Professional Service

Our extension and outreach programs work hard to make sure that the general public, landowners, community leaders, industry professionals and others all have an opportunity to learn of new discoveries and techniques affecting their lives in a timely manner.

We do this by providing educational opportunities and professional services that reach people in a variety of different ways. These programs cover the spectrum of natural resource management from growing trees to recreating on the land to producing furniture and paper.

Key Contacts:

Dr. Robert Bardon
Professor and Associate Dean of
Extension & Engagement

Dr. Myron F. Floyd
Professor and Department Head
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Dr. Barry Goldfarb
Professor and Department Head
Forestry and Environmental Resources

Dr. Steve Kelley
Professor and Department Head
Forest Biomaterials