Adrianna G. Kirkman

Adrianna KirkmanProfessor, Paper Science
CNR Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Office: 2018B Biltmore Hall


B.S. N.C. State University
M.S. N.C. State University
Ph.D. N.C. State University

Research Interests

Process analysis; mathematical modeling and simulation.


Dr. Adrianna Kirkman is a Professor in Wood and Paper Science Department, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the College of Natural Resources. She received her PhD from NC State University in Wood and Paper Science. Dr. Kirkman teaches FB 417, Process Design and Analysis using process modeling and simulation techniques. Her research is focused on applications of mathematical modeling to study economic and operating feasibility of novel processes and process modifications. Dr. Kirkman received the FB Outstanding Teacher award in 1994 and CNR Outstanding Advisor in 1999 and 2000. She is a member of TAPPI.

Recent Publications

  • Lindstrom, M., Naithani, V., Kirkman, A., & Jameel, H. (2006). A low-temperature, black liquor gasifier model for use in WinGEMS. TAPPI Journal, 5(2), 20-24. [ Article ]
  • Chang, H. M., & Kirkman, A. G. (2006). A tribute to Prof. Josef S. Gratzl: Scientist, teacher, friend, May 24, 1929-December 2, 2004. Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 26(1), 1-4. [ Biographical item ]
  • Lee, V. S., Greene, D. B., & Wellman, D. J., et al. (2004). Teaching and learning through inquiry: A guidebook for institutions and instructors. Sterling, Va.: Stylus Pub. [ Book ]
  • Capanema, E. A., Balakshin, M. Y., Chen, C. L., Gratzl, J. S., & Kirkman, A. G. (2002). Oxidative ammonolysis of technical lignins - Part 3. Effect of temperature on the reaction rate. Holzforschung, 56(4), 402-415. [ Article ]
  • Balakshin, M., Capanema, E., Chen, C. L., Gratzl, J., Kirkman, A., & Gracz, H. (2001). Biobleaching of pulp with dioxygen in the laccase-mediator system - reaction mechanisms for degradation of residual lignin. Journal of Molecular Catalysis. B, Enzymatic, 13(1-3), 1-16. [ Article ]