Richard Phillips

Richard PhillipsExecutive in Residence
Tel: 919.515-5580


Richard Phillips is an Adjunct Professor and Executive in Residence in the Department of Wood and Paper Science at NCSU, having retired as Vice President of International Paper Companies in charge of Research and Development. He teaches Strategic Business Practices in the Paper Industry at NCSU and provides leadership and critical thinking across the department.

Recent Publications

  • Chen, H., Venditti, R., Gonzalez, R., Phillips, R., Jameel, H., & Park, S. (2014). Economic evaluation of the conversion of industrial paper sludge to ethanol. Energy Economics, 44, 281-290. [ Article ]
  • Jin, Y. C., Yang, L. F., Jameel, H., Chang, H. M., & Phillips, R. (2013). Sodium sulfite-formaldehyde pretreatment of mixed hardwoods and its effect on enzymatic hydrolysis. Bioresource Technology, 135, 109-115. [ Article ]
  • Yu, Z. Y., Jameel, H., Chang, H. M., Phillips, R., & Park, S. (2013). Quantification of bound and free enzymes during enzymatic hydrolysis and their reactivities on cellulose and lignocellulose. Bioresource Technology, 147, 369-377. [ Article ]
  • Xue, Y., Jameel, H., Phillips, R., & Chang, H. M. (2012). Split addition cif enzymes in enzymatic hydrolysis at high solids concentration to increase sugar concentration for bioethanol production. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 18(2), 707-714. [ Article ]
  • Gonzalez, R., Treasure, T., Wright, J., Saloni, D., Phillips, R., Abt, R., & Jameel, H. (2011). Exploring the potential of Eucalyptus for energy production in the Southern United States: Financial analysis of delivered biomass. Part I. Biomass and Bioenergy, 35(2), 755-766. [ Article ]