Richard Venditti

ProfessorProfessor Richard Venditti
Phone: 919.515.6185
Office: 1204 Biltmore Hall


Dr. Richard Venditti's focus has been in the following research areas: (1) the processing and utilization of natural polymers in new products and fuels, (2) the fundamentals of separation science in fiber processing and (3) the environmental life cycle analysis of products. His approach is to use fundamentals in chemical engineering and polymer science in order to understand mechanisms that control critical operations in the production of products and fuels.

Dr. Venditti graduated from Princeton University in Chemical Engineering in 1993, in the area of thermosetting polymers. He currently teaches Process Control, Unit Operations in Pulp and Paper, and a distance paper recycling graduate course. He is a member of the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper (TAPPI) and the American Chemical Society.

Recent Publications

  • Daystar, J., Gonzalez, R., Reeb, C., Venditti, R., Treasure, T., Abt, R., & Kelley, S. (2014). Economics, environmental impacts, and supply chain analysis of cellulosic biomass for biofuels in the Southern US: pine, eucalyptus, unmanaged hardwoods, forest residues, switchgrass, and sweet sorghum. BioResources, 9(1), 393-444. [ Article ]
  • Ayoub, A., Venditti, R. A., Jameel, H., & Chang, H. M. (2014). Effect of irradiation on the composition and thermal properties of softwood kraft lignin and styrene grafted lignin. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 131(1). [ Article ]
  • Chen, H., Venditti, R., Gonzalez, R., Phillips, R., Jameel, H., & Park, S. (2014). Economic evaluation of the conversion of industrial paper sludge to ethanol. Energy Economics, 44, 281-290. [ Article ]
  • Ayoub, A., Venditti, R. A., Pawlak, J. J., & Massardier, V. (2013). Combined application of extrusion and irradiation technologies: A strategy oriented for green and cost-effective chemistry. BioResources, 8(1), 3-5. [ Editorial ]
  • Ayoub, A., Venditti, R. A., Pawlak, J. J., Sadeghifar, H., & Salam, A. (2013). Development of an acetylation reaction of switchgrass hemicellulose in ionic liquid without catalyst. Industrial Crops and Products, 44, 306-314. [ Article ]