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Providing the Products of Today & Designing the Products of Tomorrow

Students in Forest Biomaterials (FB) are learning to sustainably convert America's largest renewable resource, wood, into products that we use each and every day. Whether you are interested in engineering, chemistry or business and marketing, FB prepares students to successfully launch careers in eco-friendly industries that are making a difference in lives around the world!

What does wood do for you?

comfortable, civilized, sustainableWood makes us comfortable.
Housing. Manufacturing. Business. Innovation.


Paper makes us civilized.
Printing. Writing. Communication. Hygiene. Education. Shipping & transport.


Biomaterials make us sustainable.
Bio-fuels. Cellulose-based plastics. The products of tomorrow!


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Great Futures Begin With FB

The demand for college graduates in the forest products and paper and pulp industries remains strong. Year after year, the number of job openings exceeds the number of available graduates, creating outstanding career opportunities, particularly for graduates of NC State University's Department of Forest Biomaterials (FB). Our reputation for producing skilled professionals whose hands-on training has prepared thm to make an immediate impact on the job has resulted in a nearly 100% placement rate each year for our graduates. Combine this with the other elements of our undergraduate programs and you're in a great place to start a great career when you choose FB for your undergraduate years.

Choose from 5 Undergraduate Degree Options:

  • B.S. in Paper Science & EngineeringDr. Med Byrd and Kristin Grant at graduation May 2011
    An applied engineering discipline, the Paper Science & Engineering major educates outstanding engineers who support the paper and allied industries. The PSE program focuses on engineering and science disciplines involved in the production of paper, tissue and other biomaterials.
  • B.S. in Paper Science and Chemical Engineering-Dual Degree In only one additional semester students can pursue two full bachelors degrees in engineering. This program allows students to skillfully balance theory and practice while preparing for dynamic careers in the chemical, pulp and paper industries.
  • B.S. in Wood Products Business Management
    The green economy is growing and with it are ample opportunities for students to pursue business opportunities in a sustainable industry that is producing eco-friendly products for consumers. Students concentrate on management practices, marketing, finance and operations in relation to the forest products industry.
  • B.S. in Wood Products Manufacturing & Engineering
    The manufacturing option enables the Wood Products student, who desires a strong background in industrial engineering principles, the opportunity to acquire these skills and earn a minor in industrial engineering (IE). The Manufacturing option provides a concentrated exposure to IE principles and practices.� This option is for the Wood Products student who has career goals which are either in process and product engineering or in upper-level plant management in a large wood manufacturing company.
  • B.S in Wood Products-Interdisciplinary
    Want the flexibility to design your own major? The interdisciplinary program allows you to design your own major and tailor your undergraduate education to very specific career goals.

Learn By Doing

Two paper science and engineering students working in a chemistry lab.


Regardless of which degree program you choose, you will be given numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience thanks to an innovative curriculum that emphasizes inquiry-guided learning, exciting research projects with world-renowned faculty in well-equipped laboratories and both national and international co-op and internship opportunities. You'll also find that we offer you numerous financial support options as well as the opportunity to make a difference in the world around you by participating in service-learning initiatives or taking part in international study programs.


Wood Products students and faculty volunteer in Wake County Habitat for Humanity