Carl Alwin Schenck Memorial Forest

Many outdoor labs are conducted at the Schenck Memorial ForestThe Carl Alwin Schenck Memorial Forest is a 245 acre forest located in western Wake County about 10 minutes from the NC State campus. It is managed by NC State as a teaching and research forest to demonstrate the multiple benefits generated by an actively-managed forest.

Schenck Forest also plays a vital role as an outdoor laboratory for a number of academic programs including forestry, botany, ecology, soils, recreation and wildlife biology. In addition, research studies in the areas of tree growth, genetics, hydrology and wildlife habitat are underway in the forest.

The forest is a popular recreation site for Raleigh residents who enjoy the solitude of the woods. Visitors can walk the well-maintained trails to enjoy birdwatching and wildlife, see a managed forest that shows successional stages and enjoy the well-maintained picnic facilities. The Frances L. Liles Trail is most frequently used by the public. This trail passes through a number of sites where a variety of management practices are being employed, including those to support different wildlife habitats and encourage specific plants and animals.

Visitors are welcome at Schenck Forest, but no dogs or bicycles are permitted. If you have questions about usage of this property, please contact the Director of CNR Forest Operations, Dr. Glenn Catts,

plot map of Schenck Memorial Forest

Questions about previous operations at Schenck Memorial Forest, first read this letter from the former College Forest Manager, Joe Cox, regarding harvesting on the Schenck Forest in the spring of 2011. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Glenn Catts.