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Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) is a consortium partner institution in the U.S with a total enrollment of 6000 students and over 400 faculty members. Michigan Tech ’s School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science is particularly well known for its excellence in the fields of forestry, applied ecology, forest molecular genetics, and wildlife management. The Chronicle of Higher Education (a popular U.S. newspaper for academics) recently ranked the school first in Faculty Scholarly Productivity. The school’s faculty members were also ranked No. 1 in the number of forestry journal citations by a study published in the Journal of Forestry. Michigan Tech also leads the world’s longest predator-prey relationships, the fifty year investigation of wolves and moose on Isle Royale. The school leads the ASPEN FACE (Free-air carbon dioxide enrichment) experiment, a long-term study of the effects of ozone and carbon dioxide on northern forests. The program offered by the school is also the largest SAF (The Society of American Foresters) accredited Forestry program in Michigan. MS programs available for transatlantic degree students to complement their transatlantic curriculum are MS in Forestry (FFS), Forest Ecology and Management (FFEM), Applied Ecology (FAE) and Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (FMGB). These programs cover a variety of specialization lines in the underlying fields.


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