Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Students will be awarded the Master of Science in Forestry degree.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is the EU lead institution of the Transatlantic Masters Degree Program in Forest Resources.  SLU was placed second best among 30 institutions in a recent ranking (Fall 2007) of Swedish universities (www.handelskammaren.com).

The Faculty of Forest Sciences at SLU is one of the largest of its kind in Europe by number of academic staff (~450) as well as by the geographic spread from nemoral South to boreal North. The international MS program “Euroforester” has been run for several years by the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre (SSFRC), attended by more than 200 international students, and involving 12 partner faculties from 7 European countries. The fall semester at SLU will provide a thorough introduction to European forestry with a mix of lectures, group work, and field work. This course package is an excellent choice for US students to get a thorough understanding of efficient forest management approaches as applied in Scandinavia. If students choose SLU for the spring semester, they could specialize in the Plant and Forest Biotechnology program in Umeå or European and Global forest policies in Alnarp.

Courses offered

SLU offers two major thematic lines:

1) Euroforester that studies European forestry with a focus on silviculture, ecology, forest management planning and policy.

2) Master’s programme in Plant and Forest Biotechnology

The SLU courses are based on wide themes integrating several sub-disciplines and each course amounts to 15 ECTS credits, roughly corresponding to 10 study weeks. SLU employs the block system of studies, i.e. only one course can be taken at a time.

Courses in fall (autumn) semester:


Plant and Forest Biotechnology (1st year):

Plant and Forest Biotechnology (2nd year):

Courses in spring semester:


Plant and Forest Biotechnology:

Note for students choosing the Plant and Forest Biotechnology: The courses most oriented towards forest genetics and biotechnology are given during the spring semester

More information about the two MSc programmes can be found on:

Euroforester: www.euroforester.org

Plant and Forest Biotechnology: http://www.upsc.se/Education-Undergraduate-Masters/index.html