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uh_logocolorThe University of Helsinki (UH) is one of the leading European universities whose Viikki Science Park, with more than 6,000 students, is one of the world's largest concentrations of biosciences. The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is an active member of the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA) that runs international intensive MS and PhD courses under close collaboration between 7 Nordic universities (including SLU) and is also engaged in the ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) with the US.

The Faculty offers five international MS programs with instruction in English. The relevant program for Transatlantic Degree students is the Master's degree program in Forest Sciences and Business, MScFB.

Transatlantic Degree students will choose a semester course package with one of the following two majors: Forest Ecology and Management or Forest Economics andMarketing.

Students will be awarded the Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry (M.Sc. Agr. & For.) degree.

Faculty: Department of Forest Sciences

UH Degree Requirements

Please see this link for specific information on degree requirements.

For students already in the program, please see the following attachments for degree requirements:



Courses offered

University of Helsinki offers a broad variety of courses in two majors:

a) Forest Ecology and Management
b) Forest Economics and Marketing

The amount of credits (ECTS) obtained varies from course to course.
Courses last in general 1 to 2 periods. One semester comprises of 2 periods. All below mentioned courses, their more specific timing and the latest updates can be found at You can search for study guides or specific courses with the acronym given in brackets (e.g. FOR200) without logging in.


1. Click "search by search terms" on the menu bar, enter "FOR200" in the name or code box. If you push enter (search courses and exams) the program will give you the courses that are about to be organized in the near future. If there's no teaching in the near future it will give you "no information". In this case you can click "search study unit". This will give you all existing courses regardless of the time of the actual teaching.

2. Click "search from study guide", choose faulty of agriculture and forestry; you can choose to look at the departments' study guides including courses in English or all course (also Finnish courses). In this case you can find the coming teaching under the "teaching" tab and all existing study units under the study units. Another way to look at the courses is to push the "+" in front of the department and to look at the study units under each specialization lines.

Courses in English 2013-2014

Note that might be additional courses in English offered. Please see WebOodi for updated information.