Beth Gardner

Beth Gardner

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Biology

B.S., Allegheny College (1999)

M.S., Cornell University (2002)

Ph.D., Cornell University (2007)

Research Interests:
Development of spatial capture-recapture models, hierarchical models of animal abundance and occurrence (e.g., site-occupancy models), Bayesian analysis in ecology, spatial modeling.

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FW 453/553 - Principles of Wildlife Science (Spring)
ST 506 - Sampling Animal Populations (Fall) Co-taught with Ken Pollock

NC State University

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
5217 Jordan Hall Addition

Campus Box 8008
Raleigh, NC 27695-7646
Tel: 919 513-7558
Fax: 919 515-5110


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    Publication type: Article
  • Raabe, J. K., Gardner, B., & Hightower, J. E. (2014). A spatial capture-recapture model to estimate fish survival and location from linear continuous monitoring arrays. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 71(1), 120-130.
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