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CRO - Funding Opportunities

External Funding Opportunities

Find helpful information and links, Set up funding alerts with Community of Science, Foundation Directory Online Plus, Grants.Gov, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U.S. Department of Education and more.

NC State Internal Funding Opportunities

Find information about & links to University Funding Opportunities, the Faculty Research & Professional Development (FR&PD), DELTA Innovation in Distributed Education Application (IDEA) Grants, the Internationalization Seed Grants, the Learning in a Technology Rich Environment (LITRE), University Extension and Engagement Grants program, Undergraduate Research Awards, CNR proposal development grants, and more.

NC State Proposal Development Unit

The Proposal Development Unit is a group of experienced researchers, proposal developers and resource managers in the University's Office of Research and Graduate Studies. They support NC State faculty, staff, and students by providing information, training, liaison, advocacy, funding information, and proposal development services designed to enhance competitiveness for research and graduate fellowship funding. 

Their focus is on increasing NC State’s research funding base through support for faculty producing large-scale proposals for graduate fellowships and multidisciplinary research.  They Coordinate Preliminary Strategies, Offer Proposal Development Services, Develop Closer Relationships with Federal Agencies