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University Research Links

The University has a number of helpful resources to aid in the proposal process as well as to help faculty successfully manage research projects.

Project Information and Navigation System (PINS)

PINS is an electronic system used to track proposal data and to verify approvals from all faculty and administrators involved in submitting a particular proposal. The use of the PINS system is a required part of the submission process for all proposals submitted by all university faculty.

Internal Review Board (IRB)

The Board's mission is to protect the rights and welfare of human research subject, to foster compliance with institutional policy and federal regulations, as well as to provide education on the ethical use of human subjects. Researchers receiving grant awards that involve human subjects should contact Debra Paxton of the IRB as soon as the award notification is received.

Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS)

SPARCS is responsible for oversight of all aspects of university research. Matt Ronning leads SPARCS as Associate Vice Chancellor of Research Administration.

Limited Submission Grant Programs

Some grant programs limit the number of proposals that may be submitted from one institution. In such cases, the university will sponsor an internal competition to determine which proposal should be submitted to the sponsor. The following website gives details on the internal process as well as a listing of current limited submission programs.

University Research Committee (URC)

The URC is charged with advising the Vice Chancellor for Research regarding faculty research interests and needs as well as encouraging the pursuit of research at the university, helping to develop policies and procedures, informing faculty regarding available support, and making recommendations regarding FR&PD funding. For current College of Education representatives to the committee, please check the Membership link on the following URC homepage.

Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

OTT is responsible for oversight of the transfer of university research and technology to the public sector for the general economic benefit of North Carolina and the rest of the United States. OTT manages, protects and licenses to industry, the intellectual property developed and created at NC State, while serving faculty, staff and students in all aspects of intellectual property.

Research Ethics Initiative

Conducting exemplary research depends on knowing the ground rules for the research process as well as for the faculty mentor relationship. Included in the link below is information regarding the ethics of responsible authorship and peer review, mentoring of graduate students, treatment of human subjects in research, intellectual property, and other pertinent issues.

University Collaborators Search

For researchers seeking to include other expertise on a project, this Experts List contains background, expertise and contact information for faculty throughout the university. Faculty are listed by general topic area. Searchable subject and name indexes are provided.