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College of Natural Resources

Melissa McHale

Assoc Professor

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Jordan Hall Addition 5225

Area(s) of Expertise

Urban Ecology


B.S., Conservation Ecology, Rutgers (1998)
Ph.D., Ecology, Colorado State University (2007)

Research Interests

Carbon dynamics in urban systems, urbanization affects on nutrient cycling, ecosystem service tradeoffs, social drivers of ecosystem processes, spatial and temporal dynamics of urbanization, policy driven and multi disciplinary approaches to urban ecological analyses.


Urban Forestry (FOR 220 – Annually in the Fall Semester)
Ecosystem Services in South Africa (NR491/595 – Summer 2009 with Elizabeth Nichols and Ted Shear)
Advanced Practicum in Urban Forestry (FOR 595 – Fall 2009)
Triangle Ecosystem Services (NR595 – Fall 2010 with George Hess)
Urban Ecosystems Research and Synthesis – Theme “Writing Scientific Papers and Proposals” (Spring 2011 with George Hess)
Urban Ecosystems Research and Synthesis – Theme “Why do cities collapse?” (Fall 2011 with George Hess)
International Issues in Urban Ecology (NR595 – Fall 2011)
Socio-Ecological Research Methods (NR 595 – Summer 2011, 2012 – International Research Experience in South Africa)


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