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College of Natural Resources

Thomas McConnell

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

Department of Forest Biomaterials

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 1022K


Dr. Eric McConnell is an Assistant Professor and Extension Wood Products Specialist in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University. Eric received his BS degree from Louisiana Tech University and MS and PhD degrees from Mississippi State University. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at Ohio State University.

Eric’s applied research and outreach programming areas have included economic impacts of the forest products industry, price trend analyses, and production forestry typologies; new activities at North Carolina State will expand into various aspects of resource utilization and sustainability.

Dr. McConnell contributes to the Southeastern Dry Kiln Club, Ohio Valley Lumber Drying Association, Forest Products Society, Society of Wood Science and Technology, and Society of American Foresters.


Recent Publications

Coronado, C.J., T.E. McConnell, and S.N. Matthews. 2015. Forestry and forest products in Ohio: 2011 economic impacts with comparisons to 2001 values. Wood and Fiber Science, in press

Starr, S.E., T.E. McConnell, J.S. Bruskotter, and R.A. Williams. Typology of Ohio, USA, tree farmers based upon forestry outreach needs. Environmental Management, online first eprint available at DOI 10.1007/s00267-014-0382-z.

Coronado, C.J., T.E. McConnell, and S.N. Matthews. 2014. Economic impacts of timber product outputs in Ohio across timber market regions. BioResources 9(4):7579-7592.

Duval, R.P., T.E. McConnell, D.M. Hix, S.N. Matthews, and R.A. Williams. 2014. Ohio hardwood sawlog price trends. Wood and Fiber Science 46(1):85-96.

Duval, R.P., T.E. McConnell, and D.M. Hix. 2014. Annual change in Ohio hardwood stumpage prices, 1960 to 2011. Forest Products Journal 64(1/2):19-25.

Luppold, W., M. Bumgardner, and T.E. McConnell. 2014. Impacts of changing hardwood lumber consumption and price on stumpage and sawlog prices in Ohio. Forest Science 60(5):994-999.

Starr, S.E. and T.E. McConnell. 2014. Changes in Ohio tree farmers’ forest management strategies and outreach needs. Forest Science 60(4):811-816.