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senior set upby Carter Rechtin, Guest Blogger

The 2013 senior banquet was a large success in the eyes of the faculty and the students.  Even with most of the program being focused on the students and their success over their past 4, or 5, or even 6 years at NC State, there was still time for a few laughs during the presentation.  The annual senior and faculty skits were a big hit as always.

We were told that this was the first year that the students had actually filmed their skit beforehand and not performed it live.  This was an attempt to prevent Dr. Byrd from sabotaging the skit, which he somehow still managed to do by “accidentally” forgetting to turn the volume up all the way.   The plot of the student skit was a mock senior design presentation in which all the teachers ask questions in a civilized (or sometimes uncivilized) manor.  The faculty skit was also focused mainly on the professors and was titled “What teachers say, and what students actually hear”.  Being coordinated by Dr. Byrd, everyone knew it was bound to be funny and  it turned out to be very entertaining.  With me being a student who acted in the senior skit however, I must say that the senior skit topped the faculty skit this year; no biases here though, I promise.

On a more serious note, the reason for this banquet was for the students and faculty to have one last hurrah before graduation and reminisce over the past 4-6 years of their lives together.  The “Most Congenial Senior” award is given out each year to a senior that is always smiling, always willing to help a fellow student or teacher out, and always shows up in a bright and shining mood.  This year the recipient was Ashley Massey.  There is no one in the class of 2013 more deserving or more fulfilling of what the award embodies than Ashley.  Later in the night after Ashley had receiver her award and the skits had ben shown, there were the usual announcements and comments from Dr. Byrd, Jennifer Piercy, and Carter Rechtin(myself)and Katie Payne.  Katie and I being the 2013 class ambassadors had a short speech and presentation to give to the students about all the department and foundation has given us and how we hope to give back so that students in the future can have an even better college experience than we did (which would be hard to do).

Finally was the senior gift and the ringinfreedom bellg of the freeness bell.  The senior gift is a mug with “Paper Science and Engineering” written on the side below the NC State block “S”.  The freeness bell is actually not a bell at all. Being the paper science buffs that we all are, the bell is actually an upside-down freeness tester.  In addition to the bell, the so-called “mallet” that is used to strike the bell is a rotary steam valve from a dryer can.  The ringing of the freeness bell is to signify the last step in ones college career and their first step into their future and the rest of their life.


This wrapped up a night full of memories and entertainment for both the students and the faculty.  In addition we’d like to give special thanks to some professors for funding the event(Dr. Hubbe, Dr. Lucia, Dr. Argyropoulos, Dr. Byrd, and Dr. Jameel).

class of 2013

Carter Rechtin, Senior Class of 2013
Pulp and Paper Science and Engineering