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Day 3 with Guest Bloggers Michelle Blood and Ashley Massey
THANK YOU ladies

We started our day early (…early) and headed 2 hours outside of Shanghai to a Voith manufacturing site. They manufactured paper making fabrics, rolls and cylinders. They also pre-assemble their framework and pipes of the paper machine before shipping all the parts to their customers. When we arrived, we were greeted by the COO of Voith, Mr. Thomas Holzer, who also fed us Subway subs for lunch! And yes, we recognized everything on our plate this time!


Next, we headed to Suzhou which is the land fish and rice (parallel to our expression of the land of milk and honey). Suzhou is known for three main parts: their canals, gardens and silk.

The first stop was a Chinese garden. In the garden were different quarters for the men, women, young boys and young girls. The men’s room composed of books for study. Only the men and young boys were educated. The women’s room was used for sowing and maintaining the family and household. The garden overall was very similar to the gardens seen previously with lots of shade, a man-made lake and trees.

In Suzhou we visited the Silk Factory. It’s a major landmark because it is one of the largest silk factories. We got the opportunity to learn how silk was made. Later we took a cruise on the Grand Canal. It is the longest man made canal in the world. It stretches at least from Suzhou all the way to Beijing. After checking in and eating dinner at the hotel, most of us went for foot massages which were absolutely amazing!

Silk Weaving Loom
Hotel in Suzhou, and
Foot Massages! AHH!