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Guest Bloggers Ashley Massey and Michelle Blood

Today we were welcomed warmly by Gold East Paper Company. Gold East Paper is under Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and is the largest coated free-sheet paper mill in the world. Gold East also houses the second largest paper machine for coated freesheet in the world. The mill site included the paper mill, the port to the Young River, residential housing for the employees (dorm-like), a small farm with chickens and peacocks and sporting facilities for badminton and swimming. The employees were extremely friendly and helpful. We were even able to meet two of our Alumni!

gold east

Next, we went to the Confucious Temple in Nanjing. We learned briefly about Confucious’ life while touring the temple and then went shopping. There were multiple streets around the temple with dozens of small shops and markets (including our favorite McDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Hut).

After the temple we headed to an exquisite dinner full of almost every part of the animal kingdom. Dinner included squid, octopus, jelly fish, pork, rotten eggs (not really, but close to it), beef tendon, dumplings, and many vegetables. Oh My! We have eaten (or at least “tried”) so many new foods . . . . well . . . .at least most of us have!

Thanks for your patience as we ar ein Nanjing. Our hotel only has wireless in the lobby (not the rooms).