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Tuesday May 21
Guest Blogger Ashley Massey

Today we visited and were warmly welcomed by Asia Symbol (formally April Pulp and Paper). The mill is the largest pulp mill in the world…. And it was HUGE! They made market pulp and board. They also housed the world’s largest digester. It took about five hours to drive to the mill by bus from the hotel so much of the day was spent on the road. They also fed us well for lunch and dinner. Some of us even had cow eyeballs for dinner!

It was a phenomenal experience and we were awed by the massiveness of the mill!

We did make it to Beijing by high speed train on Wednesday and visited the China Pulp and Paper Institute. We have guest bloggers to tell you about that later today and hopefully some pictures to post! Our hotel in Beijing is right next to the Olympic Stadium, and the area is very nice! Wireless is spotty at best and we will try to get more pictures to post!