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Great Wall Pictures from Yesterday!
Boy was it fun! I wonder how many people are sore today?

We are packing up and heading out for a day of shopping and lunch and then to the airport. Thanks to Ashley and Michelle for being so diligent in posting as much as we could. There WILL be more pictures to come, but as it is, we have been having to upload 1 picture overnight! We’ll post more and more to our Picasa Gallery.

For you parents out there, they have had fun!!!!! I think we are all ready to get home, but it has been a great experience. We did a department / foundation exercise a while back and were asked to boil what we like about our department / major down to one word . . . mine was PEOPLE, and that included the the students. These students are no different! I have enjoyed the time to get to know them better and experience this trip with them. They are fun, funny, intelligent, engaged and just wonderful young professionals!

We’ll post more later and I hope this picture goes through!