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While killing time on the bus and to the airport, we came up with a few “lists” to summarize our experiences here . . . . .

Things we miss about America
Food (Bojangles and Pizza)
A/C in hotels
Clean Air
Cell phone / wireless
Soft Beds
No internet restrictions, especially Social Media sites
Traffic Laws
Manners and Etiquette
a FULL sanitary bathroom, which includes a western toilet, toilet paper, soap and paper towels
DRINKS – Drinkable / free water, more than ONE drink per meal and COLD drinks!!
Meat that doesn’t all taste the same

Things we learned about China
They will bargain and we love it!
They LOVE to take photos of us and with us
There are alot of Gardens
Bing Pijoe is cheap!
They are CRAZY drivers!
Paper Engineers make no money
Cost of living is SKY HIGH
They love the NBA
It’s Crowded
Our hosts were amazingly generous
Dr. Chang has an amazing reputation and millions of contacts!
The paper industry and schools here HIGHLY regard NC State!
Chicken nugget meal at McDonald’s is only a 5 piece
There is no such thing as a “not spicy” chicken sandwich
You can get corn at McDonald’s

Things we will miss about China
Inexpensive Massages (AKA beatings)
Inexpensive shopping and BARGAINING!
Bing Pijoe
Being treated like royalty
Currency exchange . . . its can make you feel like a millionaire
Each other!
Scenery – its beautiful here1
Downtown Beijing
The nightlife
Cheap knock off products