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Michelle Bloodby Michelle Blood, Guest Blogger

My summer has been awesome! I am interning with Ashland at two mill sites, Bennettsville, SC and Rockingham, NC. I stay busy with routine testing, writing reports, and absorbing the overall experience of being part of the technical sales team. It is a new experience from my other internships. Previously, I have done two semester rotations with PCA in Valdosta, GA and a summer with Rayonier in Jesup, GA. The mill side and the supply side are so different, but the main focus for each is safety. So far this summer with Ashland, I have had the opportunity to be involved in a few new technology trials. During trials, I perform testing. I would definitely recommend attempting to intern with a supply company as well as a mill.

Another perk to my job this summer is the location. After being in south Georgia for a few rotations, I am so glad to be only two hours from my house, in Raleigh, and the beach. My summer weekends have been filled with travelling to one of those two places.

Many of you know that we recently got back from China. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the blog from China, I highly recommend reading it. It was the opportunity of a lifetime for us and I was so happy to start my summer off with it.