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by patrick (1)Patrick Leasure, Guest Blogger

As the coming school year approaches, I am realizing how many things I have missed about the great place we call home, North Carolina State University. From the heart-attack pack’s epic comebacks in football to the stress for finals, here is my list of things I miss most about being at school.

  1. Football Season- Although the season will likely be a rebuilding year, tailgating with friends and post game celebrations are among the highlights for the coming semester. MOVE THE CHAINS, MOVE THE CHAINS, MOVE, MOVE,MOVE!!
  2. Catching up with friends- After being on co-op for the last six months, I have not seen a lot of paper science friends. Also, the guys that went to Finland and Germany for the year will be back and it should be fun to have them in class again.
  3. TAPPI PRE-NIGHTS- Come on. Free food and all the answers to job interviews. You could not ask for much more.
  4. Not having to cook for myself- Although Fountain Dining Hall may not be your cup of tea, it always has the variety to provide a balance diet…or at least cheese pizza and burgers. Also, Chick-fil-A and Wolf’s Den on the meal plan=AWESOME!!!

In conclusion, there are a lot of things that I miss about our great University in Raleigh. Even more things not on this list will make the school year one to remember. So August 21st cannot come soon enough. GO PACK!!!