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by Lauren Moody, Guest BloggerNick King

When you walk into P&G and find a desk with a Wolfpack jacket, you know you’ve found Nick King. Nick graduated in December of 2012 with degrees in Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. During his time at school, he interned twice at P&G, once at Exxon and once at DAK Americas. He accepted a full time position at P&G after graduation and has been doing great ever since.

Nick is a well-respected manager at P&G. Paper Science his motivation and the many people he has met along the way have made him into the successful person he is today. He is constantly motivating people to do the best they can and continually making our machines better. The work ethic and drive Nick has inspires everyone.

The four main skills Paper Science taught Nick were how to interact with people, think critically, complete tasks effectively, and present well. Paper Science helps develop your people skills because it gives you many opportunities to work with lab teams and class groups. Our classes also give you real-life work, like problem statements that a mill has actually had. These problems fine-tune your critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. The classes you take give you hands on experience that you can apply almost anywhere.

However, Nick’s favorite thing about Paper Science is the feeling of community. He is proud to be a Paper Science Engineer and to call NC State his Alma Mater.