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by guest blogger, Carter Rechtin

Wednesday, December 11th, at approximately 2:34 was the conclusion of my last exam as a student at NC State (assuming I passed of course).  Dr. Venditti’s PSE475 process control exam was the last time I will put pen to paper as an undergraduate student at NC State.  This is my last attempt to prove to my teacher that I am competent and know what I am talking about!  Since that moment has passed, I will soon be viewed as an “industry professional”.  This title sounds fairly strange for a 22 year old, just graduating from college, with only 2 internship experiences under his belt; though it is something I can get use to.

DSC_0074Though I am leaving behind friends, faculty, family, fun times, and a fantastic university; come January I will be beginning a new chapter in my life living in the thriving metropolis of Atlanta and working for Enzymatic Deinking Technologies (EDT).  I am very excited to finally be out of school and have the opportunity to make a difference  using what my 4 ½ years in school has taught me.

In addition to the excitement, there are also some new feelings that I have never experienced before – feelings that accompany becoming an adult – like the little bit of sadness I feel resulting from the realization that I cant sleep in until noon anymore on a Tuesday.  This will be the biggest change for me after having a whopping 6 credit hours my final semester in school and having the ability to do almost anything I wanted at any time.  Additionally there is the anxiety of moving to a new city, meeting new people, and realizing that everything I do is no longer for a grade – my actions will actually impact someone’s business.

On top of all, there is happiness.  Ever since I was young, I wanted to obtain a career in which I could apply my math, science, interpersonal, and leadership skills in which I have worked so hard to obtain.  On December 18th, 2013, I will officially graduate with a Degree in Paper Science and Engineering, giving me the ability to start living that dream.