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By Guest Blogger Patrick Leasure

KKC Photo

On this cold February morning, there was only thought on my mind. “How was I ever going to be able to eat 12 cold doughnuts?” Now don’t get me wrong. My minimal running preparation for this delicious challenge had me at some concern, but the sweet goodness halfway through the race was the real obstacle. Twenty minutes in, I met the real hurdle of the Krispy Kreme Challenge, 2400 calories of cold sweet doughy sweets. Although I did not eat all twelve of the doughnuts, my fellow PSE competitors ate every last one.

Maurice and Nick Savage, Adam Elhammoumi, Jason Fung, and Dr. Med Byrd all ran with me. There were many other TAPPI members that also ran in the event. As my first time running the KKC, it was a great event and one I will continue to do for the future. The Challenge donated $200,000 to the NC Children’s Hospital. I encourage everyone to try and run the event one year. Maybe next year I will eat all 12 doughnuts.