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By Guest Blogger, Joe McDonald

tappi eweek

Every engineering student knows that study breaks are a must for maintaining mental sanity. One such break that comes around every spring is National Engineers Week; a week in which we celebrate our profession. This year to kick “E-week” off, NC State’s Engineering Council put on a massive cross campus scavenger hunt. It was a blast!

As soon as the gun sounded, teams of students from every engineering discipline were racing madly to be the first to snap a picture with a Professor or in front of the wolf ears. From calculus textbooks to the huge chemistry lecture halls of Dabney, the hunt took us back to experiences we remember fondly and others that we remember not so fondly.

There was little time to reminisce though since competition was fierce, and a strict deadline was enforced. Paper Science’s student TAPPI chapter was up to the challenge however, with the two teams our club fielded finishing first and third. Though victory was sweet, it was also awesome to chat with other engineers after the hunt was over and learn about the exciting things happening in their disciplines. The hunt was definitely a blast and was a great reminder of why it’s so exciting being an engineer at NC State!