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By Guest Blogger Lauren Moody

On Saturday, March 22 a group of dedicated Paper Science student participated in Arbor Day at the State Farmer’s Market. We brought all of our supplies and a lot of energy! It was a beautiful day and what better way to enjoy it than to be outside teaching people about paper! We had so many interested people that wanted to know the facts about the paper industry: How does it work? Is it harmful to the environment? How big are the paper machines?

arbor day 2

arbor day 1








We all enjoyed teaching people from our wealth of knowledge we’ve gained here at NC State. As soon as we set up, there were people excited to make their very own sheet of paper. Most people were very hands on and wanted to feel the pulp, while others just wanted to watch and see how it’s done. It’s always a blast being able to share our knowledge and get others just as excited as we are about paper!

arbor day 3