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NC State is proud to announce the awards and accomplishments of it’s students and alumni alike.  April 27-30, 2014, TAPPI hosted PaperCon in Nashville, TN.

Dr. Medwick Byrd (’84) and Dr. Royall Broughton (’64) were honored as TAPPI Fellows.  This distinguished title is conferred upon a small and select group of TAPPI members in recognition of meritorious service to the Association and Industry.

Med Byrd TAPPI Fellow

Additionally, we had 5 of our current students win 7 TAPPI (and related) Scholarships:

Adam Elhammoumi – Paper and Board Division Scholarship
Bobby Oglesby – Robert W. Hagemeyer Scholarship, Paper and Board Division Scholarship; HL Kitchens Scholarship
Matt Skinner – Couch Pit University Scholarship
Stanton Wiggins – Process Control Division Scholarship
Kristen Young – Paper and Board Division Scholarship