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Final Contest Update, September 1, 2015

Class of 2015 prevails!

What an exciting month it was!

– 35 total classes participating (58%)
– 7 Classes over the 20% pledging mark
– Alumni reconnecting with one another
– Alumni pledging larger gifts to specific endowment funds

Here is a brief summary of the top classes:
Class of 2015 – 71%

Class of 1967 & 1986 – 50%
Class of 1968 – 36%
Class of 2014 – 35%
Class of 2012 – 33%
Class of 1966 – 29%
Class of 1984 – 17%
Class of 1987 – 16%
Class of 2005 – 15%

freshman 2015 for webThis has been a great experience for us all!  Thank you for your support, stories and gifts!  We will publish final dollar amounts pledged and collected on our this page next week and in our next newsletter.

Challenge for next year: let’s find MORE class ambassadors for each year!

As a foundation, committee and group of dedicated alumni – our graduates are THE BEST to work with!

Thanks again and GO WOLFPACK!

Update #3, August 24, 2015

The Class of 2015 remains in the lead and has upped their game with 61% pledging/giving.

Now we have the Class of ’67 and ’68 TIED (can you believe it?!?!) for second place with 29% and Class of 2012 and ’86 right behind them at 28% and 27% respectively.

The Class of 2014 is at 17% and the Class of 1972 at 10%, rounding out the double digits.  We are just shy of our goal from last week of having six classes above 20% . . . we currently have five, with one class very close to that mark!

Weekly Highlight: The academic year is off to a HOWLING start!  We attracted 42 bright and engaging freshman.  We also kicked off the year with ALL of our senior courses meeting on the first day of class!  Click the photo below for a video montage of all those future paper science engineers we are attracting, developing and educating – thanks to YOU!


Friday’s goal (YES!  Friday, then a Monday goal too): 
Add EIGHT classes to the leaderboard and EIGHT classes over 20%.


Update #2, August 17, 2015

Class of 2015 remains in the lead with 56% pledging/giving.  This amazing group already has gifts coming in!  I continue to be inspired by the Classes of 2012 and 1968 as they duke it out to try and take over the lead.  These two groups only need 5-6 more pledges each to gain the lead. We have 17 classes on the leaderboard.

Weekly Highlight: Bart Nicholson, Class of ’81, has this to say about his 21 years of giving.

bart and pamI support the Pulp & Paper Foundation because it helps maintain the excellence of the PSE program and encourages our world-class faculty. The Foundation and the program leadership work cooperatively to recruit, educate and inject vital new talent and energy into our industry. As a program graduate and industry veteran, the Foundation keeps me connected to the NC State Pulp & Paper family, stirs fond memories, and helps me build new relationships.

Bart Nicholson
Pulp & Paper Foundation Director Emeritus
PPT ’81

Next week’s goal: DOUBLE the number of classes on the leaderboard and have SIX classes above the 20% mark – C’mon Classes of 1986, 1972, and 2006!

Update #1, August 10, 2015

The challenging class (2015) is still in the lead after week one.  However, competition is an amazing thing and Class of 1968 is already at 14% with the Class of 2012 not far behind at 11%.  Check out the leaderboard below for more classes.

Weekly highlight: Rising senior in PSE/CHE, Bobbly Oglesby was recently asked to speak at a scholarship luncheon.  Watch a shortened clip to see what his award means to him and how he will use it in the future.

Bobby Oglesby Video Screen Shot

How Does This Work?

The bottom line is the class with the most (% participation) gifts or pledges logged in the month of August is the GRAND CHAMPION!

C’mon . . . we can beat the young un’s (Class of 2015)! Let’s show them what WE are made of!

What do you need to do?

If you already give on a monthly recurring basis – nothing! But do make sure you check your email for information about a new giving platform that was launched.  If you had set up on line giving, you MUST set it up again with the new system central development transitioned to this summer.

If you want to give or pledge, do so in AUGUST. See the links to both options to the right.

If you currently give, but not in August, fill out pledge form with your intentions and it will count towards your class.

If you currently have a pledge in the University system, please fill out our form so we know your intentions.  We will not be pulling active pledge reports from the University Wide System.

For online gifts, choose “Paper Science Scholarships” from the drop down menu.

Questions?  Email Jennifer Piercy


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