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By guest blogger Julia Woods

hasan jameelTwenty-seven years of service

Dr. Jameel is a graduate of Texas A&M and Princeton University where he earned his bachelors and Ph.D. In Chemical Engineering. His first job was working for International Paper as the Senior Research Associate in Tuxedo Park, NY in 1979 and then started working at the IP Ticonderoga Mill in 1984. Dr. Jameel has taught at NC State for 27 years now and says he loves being around the students here. He also does research in many different areas including Bioenergy and Biochemicals and is on the Board of Directors for Packaging Corporation of America.

Where does he hang all those plaques?

Over the years, he has received awards such as NCSU Outstanding Teacher, Alumni Distinguished Professor, and Outstanding Advisor, along with a TAPPI Outstanding Instructor award.  In 2009, Dr. Jameel was selected for the Board of Governor’s College Award for Excellence in Teaching – his THIRD time receiving this award.

Sports and research

Dr. Jameel loves to hang out with his two sons, watch football, play golf and tennis, and is passionate about teaching and leading research projects. He encourages students to get involved with research and even pursue a Ph.D., insisting that graduate school is more enjoyable than undergrad because you get the chance to completely understand what you are learning.

Having Fun

Dr. Jameel’s main advice to students is to “work hard and don’t procrastinate, but have fun”. His classes definitely verify this statement. He is an excellent teacher with a great personality.  Dr. Jameel knows how to keep a lecture and 5 hour lab entertaining!