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By guest blogger Kable Young

Paper based and Portable

red dot mini battery packsIn this day and age, technological advancements happen in the blink of an eye; however most people do not consider the paper industry as a major contributor to the advancement of technology. That notion is about to change. Tsung Chih-Hsien, a designer based in Taiwan, has created a new way to charge a smartphone without the hassle of a wall charger. The use of external batteries has become popular; yet, no one had been able to create a biodegradable version until now.

Recycle Capability, Finally!

tsung chih hsien

Tsung Chih-Hsien

Chih-Hsien designed what he has named the Mini Pack. The Mini Pack is a small cardboard capsule that can be plugged into the port of your smartphone for a quick, portable charge. He earned the recognition of the Red Dot Award for his design. One aspect that sets his design apart from others is that they can be bought in bulk in a perforated sheet. In addition, the battery comes in two hour, four hour, and six hour versions in order to give the consumer a variety of options based on their personal needs. His environmentally friendly design is the first to have a recyclable capability, an issue traditional batteries have due to being encapsulated in plastic.  The issue of the lithium ion battery within the cardboard capsule is another hurdle for these batteries; however, Chih-Hsien envisions the batteries being collected at stores where they are sold to be recycled.  Even though the design is not yet perfect, this is just one example of how the paper industry is changing the world around us each day.