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Pride in Our Program

Our students and alumni are at the heart of what makes the Paper Science & Engineering Program at NC State so amazing. It is for this reason that we take an immense amount of pride in our alumni, the continued relationships we have with them, and their ongoing connection to our current students.


All across the world, our graduates continue to connect over their shared kinship—PAPER at NC State. There is no other group in which the relationships, camaraderie and unity are felt more than in the graduating senior class. As these young professional embark on the next phase of their life, they are eager to start giving back to the program that has helped shape their future.

Freddie Ringing the Senior BellNew Traditions Create Over $8,000

Our senior banquet is a pinnacle event in our program that is shared not only with faculty, staff and students, but families and friends as well. We have many traditions that transpire that evening, such as student and faculty skits and the “ringing of the freeness bell.” We can now add another tradition—the Senior Class Ambassadors and Giving Initiative.

The past two years, the graduating class, along with the Pulp & Paper Foundation, has established a “pay it forward” matching gift incentive and elevated giving to a new level. Since the initiative began, we have increased class participation in giving from less than 5% (in a good year) to 44% and actual dollars raised from less than $1,000 to over $8,000 last year!

How did they do it?

It all began at the 2012 Scholarship Banquet when Cindy Hendren, Class of 2005 and Foundation Board member, committed to pay half of a current student’s first year pledge to the Committee of 100. The following year, we encouraged board members to do the same. We had 10 matching commitments for first year pledges encouraging seniors to give. Six members of our Class of 2014 joined the Committee of 100, pledging to give $1,000 per year.senior banquet group 

With two year of completion established, the Class of 2015 has aggressive goals! These young professionals are motivated and taking this effort head on, determined to exceed the participation level and total dollar amount given by the Class of 2014.

How can you help?

We are inviting alumni, friends and donors to help foster a culture of giving back and jump start new grads’ giving by joining our matching gift program. Forward this article to anyone you know who might be interested. The Class Ambassador’s hopes to present the number of matching commitments at the Senior Banquet on April 23.

For more information on how the initiative works and how you can be a part of this everlasting tradition, please email Jennifer Piercy. Gifts are one-time commitments in the amount of your choosing ($500 or less) and are not gifted until the senior makes his/her first gift. We hope the spirit of “paying it forward” will continue, and in five years, we will have the Class of 2015 matching for the Class of 2020.