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By Lindsay Leonard

Move In Day

Arriving on campus as a freshman on move-in day is definitely a new and intimidating experience.  There is the prospect of groups and organizations to join, classes to take, opportunities to seek out and passions to discover.  However, despite feeling overwhelmed at the newness of it all, I have managed to find a smaller and more intimate group in the paper science program.  It is reassuring to know that all of my fellow freshmen are taking the same classes, making the same decisions about

Dad sets up the new computer as Mom takes care of some details in the freshman's new dorm room.

possible internships, stressing at the idea of interviewing and trying to get involved in activities and clubs.  One of the most interesting things about the program is the interaction between upper and underclassmen; from bowling and eating catered food at TAPPI pre-nights to playing intramural soccer and flag football, freshmen are mixed in with seniors and the upperclassmen are all very welcoming and encouraging.  In the flurry of September and the mix of career fairs, interviews, learning about companies and trying to solidify future plans, it is nice to know that there are other people who have done the same things and are willing to offer time, advice, and the occasional ride home.

“State” of the Art Technology

As someone who went to a high school with a science building that was lacking in funding and temperature control, I have also been very impressed with the available technology, whether in the chemistry and physics labs, in the libraries or simply in Talley.  One of the biggest things that has stood out to me, however, is the amount of diversity and opportunity at State.  I have gotten involved with writing news for the Technician and playing intramural soccer, and I hope to become involved with more as I spend more time here and get settled in.  From joining on-campus clubs and organizations to playing sports and going to varsity athletic events, participating in feature events and taking part in things around the community, there is a world oflab space for blogopportunity and I love how the PSE program encourages us to take advantage of all of it in addition to specific events put on by the program or the Pulp and Paper Foundation.  I attended both the PSE-based career fair and the Foundation events in September and I was blown away by the connectedness and opportunities fostered inside the paper industry.  I was able to talk to many different companies and meet a variety of different people at these events, and I felt very lucky to be part of a program that puts this much emphasis on finding good opportunities for students, even freshmen.

Ready to “Think & Do”

I am excited to have completed the first month and a half of my first semester at State and I can’t wait to see what the future holds, both within the paper science program and the university itself.  I am thankful for all that everyone has helped me with and I am excited to craft my career path, learn more about engineering and the industries available and get involved around campus. Go Pack!