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Academic Excellence

Dr. Lokendra Pal, Associate Professor, joined NC State in August 2015 and was attracted our department due to its outstanding faculty and students, academic excellence and strong partnership with industry. Dr. Pal brings over 14 years of industrial experience in the research and manufacturing of paper-based materials and professional experience in managing and collaborating with industrial partners worldwide. Dr. Pal has filed 30 patent applications and been granted 10 patents.

Before joining NC State, Dr. Pal spent 9 years working with Hewlett-Packard in the Media Supplies and Solutions group leading new product development and cost reduction programs. He obtained his Ph.D. in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering from Western Michigan University. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt and Quality System Assessment (QSA) Auditor. Dr. Pal is a member of TAPPI.

dr pal news storyEmerging Biomaterials

Dr. Pal is excited to bring inkjet technology and lean six sigma manufacturing expertise to emerging areas, such as biomaterial powders for additive manufacturing and biosensors printing using high-performance dispensing technology for on-demand and high precision production at significantly lower cost than existing analog processes. Dr. Pal is actively seeking research collaboration in the areas of digital packaging printing, functional coatings and additive manufacturing.


Dr. Pal teaching motto is “DRIVE” 1) Deliver challenging, interesting and useful bodies of knowledge; 2) Remove roadblocks by providing tools, training and mentorship; 3) Incorporate innovation for students to compete globally; 4)Value self-learning, critical thinking and diversity; and 5) Engage, motivate and collaborate to create a fun learning experience. He considers himself a facilitator of learning and looks forward to working with students to help develop essential skills for great success in their future jobs. Dr. Pal admires Thomas Edison’s personality traits as an inventor and innovator. His favorite book is “Innovate Like Edison” by Michael Gelb and Sarah Miller Caldicott.