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by Kat Santoro

Engineering Design

The last minute scramble to make sure the water pump shoots water up and out of the pipe instead of leaking it out from the bottom is in full swing. That rush of nervous excitement as you explain your toy design to the judges, hoping that your project might take first place, is present all around the room. The realization has come that the only thing that lies between you and Thanksgiving Break is this one event that you have been waiting for all semester. Yep, it must be FEDD Day.

Teammates, Budgets and Timelines

Freshmen Engineering Design Day (FEDD) is the culmination of all the projects that every freshmen studying engineering at NC State has worked on. In our Engineering 101 class, we were randomly assigned team members, and from there, we had to pick the project we most wanted to do and create it, all within a few months’ time, and within a $40 budget. Building the project wasn’t easy. Finding time to meet with your team was hard due to conflicting schedules, and the chances of something going wrong at the last minute were pretty high. However, knowing that we all had to present a final product that was going to be judged helped us pull together and finish.

Innovative Engineering

Finally, getting to present our work at FEDD Day was great. Since our projects had been assigned so long ago, it was a little hard to remain focused and remember why we were all putting so much time and energy into these tasks. In the end though, FEDD Day was an awesome payoff for everyone’s hard work; getting to explain what you constructed to whatever curious person walked by was a rewarding feeling. As you walked around the room seeing the broad range of projects, from hovercrafts to animatronics to concrete canoes, you realize how creative people can be and get a taste of how exciting and innovative the field of engineering is. I loved seeing the winning projects in each category because appreciating the creativity of my fellow peers got me excited for what the next few years at NC State will bring.

Exciting Future

Although FEDD Day may have had some of us, including me, stressed out with getting a functioning project finished on time, it helped me to realize that by being surrounded by such bright students and dedicated teachers, my future in engineering at NC State is absolutely exciting!

Thanks to Dr. Byrd, undergraduate coordinator for Paper Science Engineering and E 101 professor, we invite you to watch this video of our work!