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by Lauren Moody, Paper Science & Engineering Senior

New Rockwell Automation Drives

The Wolfpack Baby Paper Machine has received new drives from Rockwell Automation. A huge thanks goes out to them for their generous donation of over $30,000 in new VFDs (variable frequency drives) and upgrades to our PLC-5 (programmable logic controller) system and LabView technology. Our previous drives were from 1991!

Success from Corporate Partners

“When we built the new pilot plant over 20 years ago, Allen Bradley — now a part of Rockwell — gladly stepped up to the plate with the donation of nine drives for the baby paper machine. Those drives served us in an exemplary way without fail for all those years! Now, with Rockwell’s donation of new drives, it is gratifying to see their continued stewardship of pulp and paper education. Our corporate partners are a huge part of this program’s success.” –Dr. Byrd, Associate Teaching Professor/ Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Paper Science & Engineering. Oh, did we mentioned that HE also learned on this machine in the 80s?

rockwell for post

Dean Mary C. Watzin, CA McDonald, Miranda Shope, Ray Rogers, Jennifer Piercy

Seniors Love Making Paper

As part of our senior curriculum, the seniors run the Wolfpack Baby once a week for an entire semester. Therefore, it is very important that everything not only works and runs . . . but runs smoothly. These new drives have allowed us to continue our hands-on labs where the students learn so much by being able to see firsthand. We also have been able to add different grades of paper to our existing capability because of these new drives. We are so excited for this huge donation and the continued ability to what we do best: make paper!

Alumni “Backing the Pack”

This donation was made possible by the work of CA McDonald, President of our Pulp & Paper Foundation and General Manager with Rayonier Advanced Materials as well as Ray Rogers and Miranda Shope of Rockwell Automation. All three are NC State alumni with degrees in Mechanical, Electrical and Paper Science respectively. “As an alumna of NC State’s paper science program, it is important to see world class graduates who are trained not only in our industry, but also with the latest technology.  Rockwell Automation is happy to upgrade the set of drives we provided 24 years ago and keep our Wolfpack Baby Paper Machine running reliably.  We are proud to partner with NC State!” comments Miranda Shope, North American Proposal Leader for Rockwell Automation.

Our program thanks you all for “Backing the Pack”!