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By Jason Frizzell

Unbridled Joy

On December 18th, the December class of 2015 for Paper Science & Engineering said farewell to the program by walking across the stage and accepting their diplomas.  Excitement could be felt in the air as each student’s name was called.  The long awaited day that every student dreams of was finally occurring and the joy could be seen on each face.  The students who graduated include Bryan Robinson, Laura Johnston, Mathew Howey, Jesse Swanner, Patrick Leisure, Ashley Quick, Nathan Woods, Alexia Lipscomb, Regan Howard, Josh Helms, and Joe Badgett.Graduation 2015

Graduates form Lifelong Friendships

Though this was a joyous day there is a slight sadness with each graduation and people having to say goodbye to this phase of their life.  As quoted from Alexia Lipscomb, “It’s very bittersweet to graduate from such an amazing program. I’ve made lifelong friends and as sad as I am to see everyone move away I’m very excited to see what the future holds for us! We are all very prepared to work in the industry and I know we will make the PSE program proud.”

Program Provides Promising Future

Though these students are leaving and that can be heavy on the heart, they leave feeling prepared and proud of a program that has given them so much.  Regan Howard had to say, “The PSE program has created many opportunities for me, both personal and professional. Through this program, I have been able to gain a massive amount of knowledge, obtain work experience, see Europe, and meet some of my best friends.”  As these students go out into the professional world they have come to feel part of an ever growing family that they feel will always be a part of their lives.  In the words of Patrick Leisure, “The paper science program has been an amazing family that will continue to be vital as the final chapter of my undergraduate education is finished and the start of my professional career is on the horizon. The program is in great shape and ready for a promising future, full of changes, growth, and adaptation to meet the industrial needs.”