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By Manon Macallister

Super Scholars

This past weekend the Pulp and Paper Laboratories were livelier than usual—intrigued parents and wide-eyed students wandered the halls with Dr. Byrd to peek inside labs and observe students working around the paper machine.

These curious students are a significant part of the department’s future; they are our future Super Scholars.   A group of seven outstanding students and their families from all over the nation joined NC State’s Paper Science and Engineering program for the 2016 “Super Scholars” weekend. These high achieving students came from Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, New York and Massachusetts.

Earn a Full Ride

The increased out-of-state recruitment efforts of the College of Natural Resources and the Paper Science department attracts many applicants, but only six – eight of these students were asked to come spend the weekend with us. The Super Scholars Program ensures that every student attending for interviews receives our standard scholarship worth $11,5000 over the student’s college career. However, the top three students are chosen to received awards worth $20,000 to a full ride over their four years spent at NC State.

The potential students were treated like royalty and shown what it means to be a part of the Wolfpack. They were given tours of campus, attended information sessions, and sat in classes that they will be taking later on. The weekend concluded with two interviews—one with current faculty and one with student representatives.

Award Decisions . . . Stay Tuned for More

Final award decisions are made by the alumni and faculty scholarhsip committee.  These decisions are based on the students high school academic, leadership and service performance, short essay answer and the interviews. Awards have yet to be presented, so best of luck to all of the students involved. We are excited to have you join us next year!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about scholarship opportunities for the Paper Science and Engineering Program, please visit our website or email the recruiter.