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By Lauren Moody

Foundation Office Grows by One

We are very excited to introduce the new Administrative Assistant to the Pulp and Paper Foundation and PSE Recruiting efforts.

Paula Harrod started February 22 and everyone is so excited she is here. Paula was born and raised in Welcome to PSEBuffalo, NY and raised her family in Michigan.  She has been married for 36 years,  has 3 married children and 7 grandchildren whom all live in NC.   She moved to Lillington, NC to be closer to her family. She enjoys exercise, spending time with her family, soccer, and mission trips.  The trips she is most proud of is her mission work in Haiti where they built a school and worked on an orphanage for 3 years in a row. Wow!

Fitting in with the Pack

Paula was very excited to be able to see one of our PSE472 papermachine runs during the Super Scholar visit. While Paula is a seasoned veteran as an administrative assistant, the pulp and paper industry is new to her.  She has already learned so much and is fitting right in with our pack. Paula will be assisting Jennifer Piercy in all foundation, board, alumni and industry relations and recruiting efforts.  This will enable this office to accomplish even more, and allow Jennifer time out on the road to visit alumni, industry and students!

Welcome to the Pack, Paula!