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by Sarah Pumphrey

Alumni Distinguished Graduate  Alumni Graduate Distinguished Professorship AwardProfessorship Award

Congratulations to Dr. Hasan Jameel, professor of Forest Biomaterials, for receiving the Alumni Graduate Distinguished Professorship Award for 2016! This award is given in recognition of graduate faculty who made a significant contribution to the graduate program and includes a one-year $4000 award.

Graduate Program Contributions

Dr. Jameel has made many contributions to the graduate program, leading to his nomination and receiving of this award. Not only does he have one of the highest number of Ph. D graduates in the College of Natural Resources, but he goes into great depths to make sure each of his students are thoroughly trained and have the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. He has organized specialized summer courses for graduate students to learn more, in depth, about special topics including lignin chemistry, financial analysis for capital investments in bioenergy products, and ASPEN modeling. Apart from technical training, Dr. Jameel has also developed a mentorship program for graduate students to improve their soft skills and help them to realize that it takes more than just technical skills to succeed. As a result of this exceptional training, many of his students have taken leadership roles in industry and government and five have even become professors, including two at NC State.

Sustainable Society

Within the last 10 years, Dr. Jameel has developed a research program in the conversion of biomass to bioenergy and biomaterials. This program has over $6 million in funding for many projects, including 5 industry based research consortium projects. These consortium projects have proven essential for incorporating industry into the college’s research while exposing students to industrial research needs. Through this research program, patented technologies have been developed and are being considered for implementation in industry. He has also developed courses in bioenergy for the graduate program to emphasize the importance in creating a sustainable society.

Program on International Radar

Like many of the graduate faculty, Dr. Jameel is always thinking about ways to expand and raise money for the program. He has established joint collaborations with graduate programs in Brazil and China to host international students at NC State, putting the program on an international radar. Dr. Jameel is also active in helping to support future graduate students through fund raising.

Congratulations to Dr. Jameel!  Thank you for all you do for the graduate program!