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German & Austrian Art History

Allison Hellwig

One Paper Science and Engineering student will be expanding her knowledge in an area not so common to the engineering curriculum: German and Austrian art history.  Allison Hellwig, along with 10 other students, are in Austria at the Internationales Kulturinstitut (IKI).  IKI teaches German language to many students studying abroad through immersion teaching, meaning that students are only allowed to speak German in the class.

While in Austria, Allison will be taking a four week art history class which includes field trips around the city to museums and landmarks where she can see what she is learning, not just

reading it in a textbook. Her group will also be taking weekend trips to Prague, Czech Republic and Salzburg to tour and learn more about the history in those cities. After her study abroad is over, she will travel to Italy for a week to tour Milan and Florence.

Study Abroad Office at NC State

Allison said she learned about this trip from the Study Abroad office at NC State.   Although the classes taken here do not go towards her major, Allison said she is excited to take courses that are completely different from engineering courses she will take in the regular semester. While in high school she completed the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) which encourages students to have an international and well-rounded mindset.  Allison has carried that mindset to college and this has led her to study abroad in Austria.

Although study abroad is great and all, most engineering students cannot do it because it’s hard to find courses we can take, right? Not according to Allison, and she sums up why very well.

“I was under the impression that [study abroad] would not be possible with engineering since classes are so specialized to different degrees. After thinking about how I would make study abroad work, I realized that I would spend a significant amount of my life doing engineering related things and every moment of college did not have to revolve around engineering. Capitalizing on what college has to offer such as study abroad is extremely important right now.”

Scholarships and Grants Available

Cost is also a barrier keeping people from participating in programs such as study abroad. Allison is grateful for her opportunity to make her dreams a reality due to the support of her mother, as well as scholarships and grants she received to go on the trip, such as the College of Natural Resources Enrichment Fund.

Allison said she hopes to learn the material while in Europe, but also gain a more international mindset. She also hopes that her German language course goes well so that she can continue to learn the language once she returns since a significant amount of her family speaks German. She hopes one day she put to use her knowledge of Austrian culture or German in her career. Good luck on your trip Allison, we cannot wait to hear more when you get back!

By guest blogger Ryan Lee