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Summer Camp

On the week of June 12th 2016, NC State’s Paper Science & Engineering program had their first ever residential camp, hosting 24 rising junior or seniors high school students.  The campers spent each day learning about different ways in which we can promote sustainability and a green economy.  The camp was geared towards giving the campers a glance into different types of engineering.  The campers were assigned to one specific engineering camp, but in their free time had the the leisure of seeing the campus and participating in many other fun activities.

A Day in Life of a Camper

In PSE Camp, the students learned about life cycle analysis, nanotechnology, biomaterials, adsorption/absorption, and recycling.  Each day the campers participated in lecture and also a lab to accompany the lecture.  The campers took a field trip to the Sonoco Recycling facility where they were shown the process of how recyclables are sorted, and  learned what can and cannot be recycled.  Learn more about their actual experiences.

Lab Experiences Amaze, Awe and Inspire!PSE Campers

The labs included turning sugarcane into paper and ethanol, printing paper circuit boards, deinking recycled copy paper, examining the life cycle of an everyday appliance, and making their own super absorbant combination of materials.   Along with the labs, the campers were exposed to team building exercises and engineering challenges to show them how engineers successfully work in the field. At the end of the week, each team had to give a presentation to faculty and family members on one specific lab.  Each team did an incredible job and the parents were full of questions.


A special thanks must be mentioned to Sonoco for hosting our field trip.  Also, Drs. Jameel, Pawlak, Byrd, Pal and Venditti worked tirelessly to come up with new and innovative labs for these budding young engineers.  Finally, undergraduate students Kim Abrams, Tommy Keeshan and Jayme Currie perfected the faculty’s ideas, wrote lab procedures and lead the labs during camp.  Learn more about our undergrad camp counselors!


PSE Summer Camp LabOur campers truly enjoyed themselves with 80% saying they would DEFINITELY recommend our camp to friends.  One third stated they would definitely consider applying as paper science first intent and and additional 40% said they would certainly give it more thought after their camp experience.  These results are phenomenal considering the majority of campers did not choose our camp as their first choice – either they did not know what it was about, or had not heard about it since this was our first year.  Overwhelmingly the high schoolers enjoyed their experience and learned more about engineering, NC State and Paper Science!

By guest blogger Kim Abrams