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Grateful for Passionate Alumni

What a pleasure it is to be able to work with passionate alumni every day!  I am always “wow’d” by how creative, energetic, driven and focused the paper science alumni are.  Our foundation, and therefore program, is made great by the countless hours that our board and committee members dedicate to our cause.  Each person who contributes in ANY sort of way is very special.  However, I would like to take a moment to brag on our individual giving committee and class ambassadors!

Connecting Us Together

As a group, they have worked tirelessly to reconnect our alumni with each other.  Last year they embarked upon a new journey for us in the first ever class pledging competition (see comprehensive results here). As you can see from the summary below, this was a very successful campaign.  However, what you cannot see behind these numbers are the numerous other GREAT THINGS that happened:

  • We had many alumni update their contact information – yeah!
  • We received updates through class ambassadors of how so many of you are doing and we all love that!
  • We started our alumni spotlight webpage
  • We had some “major” ($25,000+) gifts come into specific endowments that are not counted as a part of our “annual giving” results.
  • We are taking a shot at an Inaugural Paper Science Alumni Reunion this fall . . . .this event, initially being driven by the classes of ’66, ’67, ’68, and ’86, has now gathered interest from ’77, ’84, ’96 and others!  So everyone is welcome!!  Check out tentative details here!

All of these achievements make us feel just as good as the monetary ones!

  • We exceeded our annual giving goal of $65,000 by 17.5% and achieved $76,378 in annual giving this year.
  • The class giving campaign resulted in unprecedented participation by “young alumni” – the class of 2015 won last year!
  • During the month long campaign, 40% of the givers were “new givers” (defined as not having given in the last 3 years).
  • 58% of our classes participated and 7 classes achieved over 20% participation.
  • In the last four years, we have increased our giving by 62% (FYE 2013-2016).
  • We have now readjusted our goals, which have always been a $5000 increased in giving every year.

How can you help?

We will be repeating this campaign again in August 2016 – NEXT MONTH!  You can help us by:

  • updating your contact information as soon as possible
  • helping us find class ambassadors for every single year, our goal this year is 50% of our classes with a named ambassador
  • pledging or giving in the month of August (see fine print here on how it works)
class of 2015 for news story

Class of 2015; Pledging Contest Winners at 71% participation!

You WILL receive more information about our campaign if you are an alumnus.  If you don’t, starting August 1, let us know.  Our office, our committee, our foundation and program are better for working along side each and every one of you!

THANK YOU does not adequately express our gratitude, but THANK YOU, anyway!