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Breaking Records

Many of you received updates in the month of August regarding our 2nd annual class pledging contest.  Did you also know that we just finished a year of RECORD ALUMNI GIVING??!!  Then we made our way right into our fall foundation meeting with record attendance and our first ever alumni reunion.


Givers in All Aspects

Our alumni are quite the givers in all aspects of the word.  They are generous with their time, giving back by hiring and mentoring interns, co-ops and full time engineers; participating in committees that move our program and foundation forward; coming back to speak to classes on various topics; writing their professors to let them know how they are doing (HINT HINT); among other things. They are generous with the resources at their disposal by attending our career fairs at NC State, giving of equipment and gifts in kind for our labs and pilot plant;  and inviting us to bring students to conference for reduced costs. Our alumni also know what it means to give back financially, as well as with their time and resources.  They are always promoting our program to potential students, within our industry and outside of our industry.  WE THANK YOU!

2016 Contest Results

In 2015, our individual giving committee acted on an idea they hacareer-fair-for-web-postd been formulating for almost a year – a class participation pledging contest.  2015 was very successful at engaging alumni and many asked if we would do it again.  Albeit, I think some alumni wanted a chance to redeem themselves.  The results in 2016 were far better than we could have expected and we are continuing to tweak how we do this in the coming year.  Here are some of the highlights from the 2016 contest:

  • 1st place was awarded to the Class of 2016 with 46.9% participation.
  • The classes of ’67, ’68, ’86 and ’14 all achieved above 30% participation with 46.2%, 43.8%, 30.8% and 30.4% respectively.
  • We saw a 27% increase in classes above the 10% participation mark from 2015
  • A 14% increase in classes above the 20% participation mark from last year
  • And a 13% increase in total number of participants over the previous year

 Alumni Connecting

We are grateful to our class ambassadors and are always looking to fill more spots here!  Having our ambassadors reach out to their class sparked the idea of a reunion on campus which was a huge success last month. We also had 30 people at an alumni dinner in Jacksonville, FL. We are grateful in the many way that each of you support us!

Thank you again and until next year . . . .when maybe someone knocks off the newest alumni from atop their winning pedestal!individual-giving-for-newsletter