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“Reep”-ing the Benefits of a PSE Education

TAPPI’s Young Professionals Division has now recognized the winners of its second annual Top 20 Under 30 Contest, and NC State PSE alum Andrew Reep was among the honorees.  The contest identifies young emerging leaders in the global pulp, paper, packaging and tissue industries by their current contributions to the industry and unique perspectives on the future of pulp and paper.  The Young Professionals Division consists of undergraduates, recent graduates and young professionals and serves to provide different services, educational development and networking opportunities.  Andrew and the other 2016 recipients will be invited to receive their awards at their division-specific TAPPI conferences.

Involvement in Internships Provide Experience

Andrew Reep graduated from NC State in 2010 with a BS in Paper Science Engineering.  He now works as an account manager for Solenis, a specialty chemical manufacturer for the pulp, Reep.docxpaper and other industries.  While at NC State, Andrew had four summer internships, one with Temple-Inland, two with Packaging Corporation of America, and one with Ashland, Inc., which would later become Solenis.  He was also the president of TAPPI his senior year.

TAPPI Engagement sets Candidates Apart

He believes that he owes his success to his family and teachers who guided and encouraged him early in his life, saying that they helped illuminate the path to success for him.  Specifically, he says that NC State, the College of Natural Resources and the Paper Science Engineering program taught him how to think.  In a world of right answers and “teaching to the test,” Andrew believes that NC State as a whole, and specifically PSE, helped him learn how to think critically and assess situations in every facet of life.  According to Andrew, the notification that he received the award was very humbling.  “It’s a great honor because I’ve met so many young engineers since working in addition to the ones I went to undergrad with,” he says, citing the talent and drive that many in the industry embody.  He believes that being engaged with TAPPI and the Young Professionals Division sets a candidate apart from other applicants.

Aspire to be Tissue/Towel Expert

However, since he is still “under 30,” Andrew has big aspirations for the years to come.  He hopes to begin building his family and continue establishing himself in the community he has recently moved to.  Professionally, he would live to become known by his customer and his company as a regional Tissue/Towel expert who can assist with troubleshooting and process improvement.

By guest blogger Lindsay Leonard