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Congratulations to Kable Young for winning the BioResources Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

Fellowship Award Strengthens Career Opportunities

This is an award given to undergraduate students in Paper Science and Engineering (PSE) and Sustainable Materials Technology (SMT) to support undergraduate research efforts. The goal of this program is to honor selected students and strengthen their career opportunities, as well as serve to excite future recruits and support research throughout the Department of Forest Biomaterials. Upon becoming a fellow, the awarded students are able to pursue a research project of their interest, with a faculty advisor of their choice. Part of the award includes hourly pay to work on their research project. Typically, interested students submit a resume and research project outline, and then two fellows are chosen a semester.

Research of Soybean Lecithin Kable Young

Rather than applying himself, Kable was nominated by a faculty member to be the first summer fellowship winner based on his academic achievements and research potential. Since Kable did not apply with a research project, he was given the choice between a couple projects to start last summer. Kable reserached how the addition of soybean lecithin affected the properties of tissue grade paper, focusing on its effect on softness, strength, and friability. This complex project is on a large scale with a very comprehensive array of testing and several phases. He is currently the only student working on this project, alongside faculty members Dr. Lucia and Dr. Pal. Kable is looking forward to continuing his work into this school year and seeing the possibilities his project has to offer.

Exploring Possibilities of Enhancing Tissue

Kable is honored to have been chosen as a fellow this past summer: “Being a BioResources Undergraduate Research Fellow has provided me with a unique experience to explore the possibilities of enhancing tissue. This experience has allowed me to work closely with several faculty members as they provide support on my project. I am grateful to them for their help, encouragement, and for giving me this great opportunity.”

Congratulations on this achievement, Kable! We look forward to see where your research takes you!


by guest blogger Sarah Pumphrey