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Global Recognition for Dr. Jameel and Dr. Lucia’s Research

North Carolina State University is a very effective and globally engaged research university, and two professors within our Paper Science and Engineering pDr. Hasan Jameelrogram have made an addition to that reputation. Dr. Hasan Jameel and Dr. Lucian Lucia were recognized by the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference for their research proposal titled “BIO-AQUA Water Purification.” Out of the 500 proposals submitted to the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge, theirs made the top 5!

Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

The Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge is an effort led by a wide range of companies and organizations to create better practices and process in an ever-changing world. According to their website, the conference addresses many diverse topics, ranging from mineral resources to better business models. One main objective is to take the bright ideas of some of the world’s best minds in various fields to create more environmentally conscious products, processes, and practices.

“BIO-AQUA Water Purification” Summary

The basis of their research was to create a novel, proprietary bio-based agent, carboxylated chitin that could be used industrially for chelating heavy metal ions and exhibiting broad spectrum antimicrobial properties according to Dr. Lucia. This has been a topic of both Dr. Jameel and Dr. Lucia’s research for the last three years. This project is aimed at helping developing countries, such as Bangladesh, India, Brazil, and Malaysia, while also minimizing environmental impact by using green processes. Although Dr. Jameel and Dr. Lucia did not receive one of the two awards available, they did reach the Top 5, marking a huge step in their research and towards the goal.

Thinking about doing research?

I asked Dr. Lucia what advice he would give to students that are looking to get involved with research at NCSU. His response: “You can’t go wrong. Not onlyLucian Lucia can you make a difference in peoples’ lives, but you meet great professors, you are part of a group and its dynamic, and your experience can make the difference for a future job.”

Everyone within Paper Science and Engineering, the College of Natural Resources, and NC State are tremendously proud of your achievement Dr. Jameel and Dr. Lucia. Congratulations and good luck in your future work!

By guest blooger Ryan Lee