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Cascades was founded in 1964 by Antonio Lemaire and his three sons, Bernard, Laurent and Alain.  Cascades is a multinational Canadian company whose head office is located in Kingsey Falls in the Center of Québec.  A pioneer in recycling, Cascades manufactures, converts and markets its packaging products and tissue paper, composed mainly of recycled fibers.

Cascades started over 50 years ago, when the humble founder, Antonio Lemaire, lost his job and had the ingenious idea of using his kitchen blender to make pulp from recycled paper.  Landfill sites and recyclers quickly became a source of income for his family, as well as that of thousands of other workers.  Antonio Lemaire had no idea what great heights would be reached with its projects.

Investing in the Futurencsudinner166

Because quality succession is critical for the economic development of companies and society in general, Cascades, in Rockingham, NC decided to invest in the future by supporting the postsecondary education of individuals in the Pulp and Paper Science program by offering two $2500 scholarships for the students at NC State.  Rising juniors and seniors were eligible to apply.  This year, the unique award was granted to David Sheppard and  Kyle Spegal.  While not unusual for companies to donate to NC State’s Pulp and Paper Foundation and set up endowed scholarships, Cascades’ model of annual gifts for scholarships is a first.  Foundation Executive Director, Jennifer Piercy explains that “we rely heavily on the generosity of alumni, corporations, donors and friends to attract and retain students for the progress and success of our industry. We are grateful for our endowments, which provide long term financial stability, as well as our annual gifts, such as this one by Cascades, to meet immediate needs for rewarding students.”

Recipients Humbled and Encouraged

Both students were humbled and encouraged by this generous gift.  Kyle remarked “I can’t begin to fully express my gratitude to Cascades and the pride that I have in being part of the PSE program. The generosity characteristic of Cascades’ donation and support of the PSE program is in direct connection with the strength and success of NC State’s Pulp and Paper Science Program. In addition to easing the financial burden of my academic career, this scholarship serves as a validation that my efforts and aspirations are recognized and supported by one of the leaders in our industry. I hope to be the first of many recipients of this award to come, as the relationship between Cascades and NC State’s PSE Program continue to grow.”

Class mate, David Sheppard went on to say “Being selected to receive the first annual Cascades scholarships is a humbling honor for many reasons, but two stand out in particular.  The timing of the award- in the senior year when personal resources begin to run low- alleviates a number of external stresses from the final gauntlet of the degree, and enables me to spend my last semesters committed to my education instead of concerned with paying rent. Furthermore, having had the chance to learn about the value Cascades’ places on realizing potential, I approach the beginning of my career truly inspired to know that my potential is recognized in my department and our industry.”

A special thank’s goes out to Mario Infante and Anthony Nessell  (’00 Che; PPF board member) for their commitment to our program, industry, students and foundation!