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PSE Program Thrives with Industry Support

One of the many great aspects of the Paper Science and Engineering program is industry support.  ABB is one of the many companies helping to make the PSE program thrive.  ABB is a technology leader for a wide variety of industries, one of them being pulp and paper.

Marty Wakefield works in sales for Lorentzen & Wettre (L&W), a member of the ABB group, that supplies equipment and services p
rimarily to the pulp and paper industry.  Mr. Wakefield is an alumnus of the chemical engineering program here at NC State.  Mr. Wakefield has been involved in the Pulp and Paper Foundation for some time and is aware of the limited budget allocated each year for paper testing equipment.

After taking inventory, L&W found they had a number of pieces of equipment they were going to dispose of, even though the equipment was still usable.  Mr. Wakefield reached out to Dr. Pawlak and Dr. Byrd to see if the equipment could be useful in the paper testing labs.  L&W’s generous donation was gladly accepted, saving PSE hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Without donations, usually only one piece of equipment can be replaced per year.  The donation consisted of three pallets full of equipment.  Some of the equipment included was a gloss tester, Sheffield air permeability tester, six paper cutters, 2% consistency meter for the pilot plant, automated sample cutters, and a caliper micrometer.  The value of the equipment ended up being over $120,000!

Learning Experiences Broadenedabb-equipment

As the number of undergraduate students continue to increase year after year, it is more important than ever to accommodate the need for hands on experience in labs.  More equipment is needed to cater to larger class sizes.  When asked about the impact of this gift on the PSE program and his classes, Dr. Pawlak said, “A gift like this helps us carry out our educational mission much better.”  Having the same equipment in labs
that is used in industry enhances students’ learning experiences because students can learn on the same devices they will later see and use in while working in industry.

“The Paper Science & Engineering program at NC State has a great reputation for producing hard-working knowledgeable graduates,” stated Mr. Wakefield.  “I am fortunate to be able to deal with many of them on a regular basis.  Anything I can do to assist this program and help our industry, I am more than happy to do.”

The Paper Science and Engineering program is extremely grateful for all of the support L&W and Mr. Wakefield have provided in creating a better learning environment and program for all students.

by guest blogger: Taylor Krakuszeski